A Thousand Clowns (1965)

 Movie of the week

This is a great movie about standing up for what you believe in and who you love.  It actually has nothing to do with clowns, but it has a great cast and a wonderful storyline.  It’s very heart touching and heart warming.

“A middle-aged iconoclast, doggedly avoiding the tedium of employment and conventional life, faces the prospect of losing custody of his young ward”


A Child Is Waiting (1963)

Movie of the week!

I really like this movie because it is one of the first that really talked about and showed real children with mental disabilities like Downs Syndrome.  Not to mention the great cast!

“Psychologist Dr. Matthew Clark is the head of the Crawthorne State Training Institute, one of the first boarding schools for developmentally challenged children.”

Designing Woman (1957)


Movie of the week!

Here, I am going to be posting a new movie every week that I think is a must see! Here goes…

“When Mike Hagen and Marilla Brown marry after a whirlwind romance on the west coast, they return to New York to find that they don’t have much in common. She is a clothing designer who lives in a swanky apartment and whose friends are actors, artists and the like. He is a sports writer who likes to go boxing matches and horse races. They clearly love one another and make every effort to be flexible. When a mobster, whom Mike has been accusing of fixing sports events, decides to go after him he must pretend to be out of town and mayhem ensues.”

The Bigamist (1953)

Movie of the week!

Here, I am going to be posting a new movie every week that I think is a must see!  Here goes…

“Harry and Eve Graham are trying to adopt a baby. The head of the agency senses Harry is keeping a secret and does some investigating. He soon discovers Harry has done an unusual amount of traveling from his home in San Francisco to Los Angeles. Harry gets tracked down in LA where he has a second wife and a baby. Via flashbacks, Harry tells the adoption agent how he ended up in two marriages.”